AWS Cloud Management

Overview: Leverage the power of Amazon Web Services to streamline your cloud management activities and enhance operational efficiency.
- Auto Scaling
- Resource Optimization
- Cost Management
- Security and Compliance
- Centralized Management Dashboard
Use Cases:
- Infrastructure Monitoring
- Application Deployment
- Disaster Recovery
- Data Migration
- DevOps Automation

Data Mining

Overview: Harness the power of data by extracting valuable information from websites, refining raw data to remove inconsistencies, duplicates, and errors, and integrating these processes with existing systems or third-party services for seamless operation.
- Automated Crawling and Data Extraction
- Data Normalization and Missing Value Imputation
- Rate Limiting and Outlier Detection
- RESTful API for Integration and Data Syncing
- Robust Authentication Processes
Use Cases:
- Market Research and Data Quality Assurance
- Competitor Analysis and Data Governance
- Social Media Monitoring and Data Preparation for Analysis
- Real-time Data Feeds and Third-party Service Integration
- Automated Reporting

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